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Aquafin offers a full range of products to repair, protect, waterproof and vaporproof concrete, masonry, and brick including crystalline mortars and admixtures. Aquafin also offers a range of acrylate injection resins and polyurethane injection grouts.

 Expansion joint covers for interior and exterior applications.  Architectural joints are designed for airports, banks, casinos, convention centers, gymnasiums, hospitals, hotels, offices, pedestrian bridges, prisons, schools, shopping centers and theaters. Joints for open-air structures are designed for parking decks, stadiums, plaza decks and ramps.

Penetrating water repellents for 

horizontal and vertical concrete, masonry and natural stone. Also CIT (corrosion inhibitor treatment) for guaranteed protection of steel reinforced concrete, Anti-graffiti products for concrete and masonry.

Waterproofing and roofing using the MM6125 Monolithic Membrane, pavers, precast accessories, insulation and garden roof components to create 

plaza decks, roof terraces and Garden Roofs. Other applications include split slab, bridge 

decks, and below grade waterproofing. 

Waterproof coatings for vehicular and pedestrian traffic offer skid resistance as well as moisture and chemical protection. Elastomeric wall coatings for exterior concrete surfaces can bridge existing cracks and prevent moisture intrusion while allowing breathability. Complete line of protective flooring for industrial and architectural applications.

Specialized custom expansion joint systems that tie directly into roofing and waterproofing systems without a curb. RedLine, FlamLine and AquaLine expansion joints offer a maintenance free and warrantable solution to what is normally problematic.

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